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WTTN guests revisited

DJ Klyph is the host of Welcome to the Neighborhood on XRAY FM Portland as well as the Klyph Notes podcast.

On WTTN guests revisited, he brings you conversations originally aired on XRAY with some of your favorite guests

Oct 2, 2016

In August of 2016, we had a whole crew of folk in the Neighborhood. Renee Lopez was in the place and it was announced that she is an official member of the Mic Check crew. 2 Reps passed through to premier new material and give an update on the new project, Mic Check resident DJ Trox passed through for the first time in a minute, the first female emcee at Mic Check, Karma Rivera, was in the building as well. Mic Check Aug. headliner HANiF passed through and kicked knowledge, Portland producer/MC Stewart Villain passed through for a minute and StarChile helped hold down the evening. Check the latest, packed episode on WTTN guests revisited.