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WTTN guests revisited

DJ Klyph is the host of Welcome to the Neighborhood on XRAY FM Portland as well as the Klyph Notes podcast.

On WTTN guests revisited, he brings you conversations originally aired on XRAY with some of your favorite guests

Dec 4, 2015

You wouldn't know it to listen to this soft spoken DJ, but Fatboy is one of the dopest DJs to come out of Portland. When you consider skill of the local DJ scene, that says a lot. He makes another visit to Welcome to the Neighborhood but for the first time rides solo and gives a real look at his journey from tour DJ'ing for E-40 and Cool Nutz to producing the upcoming "Thankful" mixtape. He also talks about how his life has changed recently with a greater awareness on health living. This one you don't want to miss - DJ Fatboy on guests revisited.